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Preet Kaur

Office Administrator

When you first meet Preet, you will find her quiet, shy, a little bit mysterious and a big bit of an enigma. Win her confidence and show her you trust her – then you will find that, like a flower blooms, her very best qualities will blossom and out will emerge a truly amazing, outstanding and efficient being that will leave you totally wondering where this person has been hiding and what more can we do to get more.

Preet is a true professional! She started her career in early childhood as a teacher in New Zealand. Preet gained her first job in Real Estate as a Personal Assistant, and she has found Real Estate to be a great fit for her organisational and communication skills. She loves working in a job that allows her to make connections with people on a daily basis, and she takes great pride in forming loyal, long lasting relationships.

Her radiance will draw you to all her true abilities and you will get to know the real person behind the quiet, the shy, the mysterious and the enigma.

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